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Hey! I’m Joey and I’m the Assistant Editor for Digital DJ Tips – it’s the world’s biggest online training site for digital DJs. I do DJ gear reviews and tutorials, and I also teach the Music Production For DJs course.

I started DJing when I was in high school in the late 90’s (Trance was really big back then!), and I ran a recording studio called Love One Another Sound Production in Manila before joining Digital DJ Tips full time.

I’m getting into doing more speaking gigs and workshops. I’ve given talks on music and the music industry at the BPM Show in Birmingham and EMEX in Manila.

If you want me to give a talk at your next event, drop me a line!

Photo by JM Gonzalez


1. Where do you DJ?

I get asked this a lot. I was the resident DJ for Take Me Back Tuesdays in Ponti from 2010 until around 2013, and that was my last real “regular” gig. These days, I do just a tiny handful private parties and maybe a festival or two (Summer Siren is one of them, and that’s the photo you see above.)

It’s not that I don’t like to DJ anymore. It’s mostly because I’m just really busy doing tutorials and reviews, and also teaching DJs how to make their own music.

2. What music do you play?

I do two types of music: I play House/Techno as Mermaids (my duo with Niki Rojas), and I play Top 40/Pop music when I get invited to play private shows.

3. Can I book you to DJ?

Sure! Just send me an email or leave me a message on my Facebook page :)

4. Do you do weddings?

I love weddings! It takes me a week or two to prepare for it, so I only get to do a small handful every year. If you’re interested, again just shoot me an e-mail or Facebook message

5. Can you play Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay, Ever After by Bonnie Bailey, Horny by Mousse T, or Happy by Squareheads?

No. I love pop and cheesy music, but these are the four songs I will never play if I can help it.

If you requst any of these songs, I will do my absolute best to persuade you otherwise and to make you understand why these songs (and any of their variations thereof) must never be played anymore in the 21st century and beyond. I am very persuasive, and hopefully I can guide you in discovering better song choices than the aforementioned.


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