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All My Reviews & Tutorials This 2015

I’ve been with Digital DJ Tips for a little over two years now, but really only started making videos for Phil and the gang in March 2014. I’ve been doing more reviews and tutorials lately – here’s what I’ve filmed for DDJT this 2015:


1. Epsilon Pro Turntables

2. Pioneer HDJ-C70 Professional On-Ear DJ Heapdhones

3. Alto TX10 Speakers

4. Making Music Book by Dennis DeSantis

5. Tuna Knobs

6. MEAudio M6 Pro In-Ear Monitors

7. Numark HF350

8. UDG Ultimate DJ Headphone Bag

9. Samson Expedition XP106w

10. LANDR Online Mastering

11. KRK KNS8400 Headphones

12. Mixmeister Express

13. BPM 2015: Matrix Booth

14. BPM 2015: Adam Hall LD Systems Curv Array

15. Hercules Universal DJ

16. Cerwin Vega P1000x P1800SX

17. Behringer Nekkst K5 and K8 Speakers

18. Odesi Music Composition Software

19. Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000mk2


1. 6 Powerful Daily Habits Talkthrough Video

2. How To Build Your DJ Brand With Spotify

3. Your First Day With: djay Pro

4. Your First Day With: Rekordbox 3.0

5.Hercules Universal DJControl

DJ Joey Santos

I'm a DJ/producer, and the Assistant Editor over at Digital DJ Tips, the world's largest online community for digital DJs. I write mostly about music, bands, and stuff that happens to me in this blog.

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