Mainstage Mixshow Is My New Weekly Mix On ManilaClubRadio

I’m hosting a new weekly program called Mainstage Mixshow, which has tunes that, you guessed it, you’ll most probably hear on main rooms and festival stages. Don’t listen to it if you’re not into the following: progressive, EDM, “deep” house, electro, tropical (yes, thanks to Kygo), trance, and even some banging techno when I feel like it!

The first episode is up already, and it’s mostly EDM/Big Room and electro tunes, but I really plan on switching it up once in a while to keep things fresh. Check it out! :)

DJ Joey Santos

I'm a DJ/producer, and the Assistant Editor over at Digital DJ Tips, the world's largest online community for digital DJs. I write mostly about music, bands, and stuff that happens to me in this blog.

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