5 Ways To Build Your DJ Brand With Spotify

I wrote a piece for Digital DJ Tips a few weeks back on how to leverage Spotify's massive music collection for strengthening your DJ brand. You can check out the full article here, but the reason I posted this is because I added in some new content to the article that DJs on the streaming service may find useful.

7 Music Myths New Bands Should Avoid

I just turned 32: That means I’ve been doing music for exactly 22 years since I first picked up an instrument (the drums, in case you were wondering). By 20th century Pop music industry standards, I’d be totally old and unmarketable, not that I’d still be making “teen-relevant” music anyway since then-major labels would be pushing new acts. But it’s 2015, and I’m not writing music for radio or charts, so I’d like to think that 32 isn’t too old to still be writing music and working in the industry!

10 NU107 OPM Masterpieces To Remember

Time to get nostalgic, folks. Here are 10 NU107 masterpieces from the late 90s - early 2000s that you don't get to hear anymore. Did away with a lot of obvious choices because you probably have them on rotation in your Spotify playlists or your car's tape deck (!!!), but left some in just because I really like them anyway. Enjoy!

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