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Why We Film Manila’s Underground Dance Scene

I read this review of Mulan’s subMNL​ set, and thought that it really hit home. If you’re not familiar with subMNL, it’s this monthly House/Techno party that we throw – we film all DJ sets, and then upload them.

Back to the review. I pasted everything below:

I’ve loved both mainstream and underground dance music culture even before I started DJing, and it’s great to be part of a group that tries to archive and present the Techno and House scene of Manila to a local audience, as well as an audience outside (or to non-residents, at least) of The Philippines.

A little over a year ago I thought about throwing a small party with Duane Fernandez and Madz Abubakar, the idea would be that we’d just have it in a really small room (my recording studio then, as it would turn out), we’d have free booze to give away to guests (not free, since the three of us paid for it), and we’d have music done by our favourite local DJs at the time. Plus, we’d film and upload the sets so we can relive everything and also show folks on the internet what Manila’s got.

subMNL photo

The music policy would be strictly non-commercial, non-mainstream club music, mainly because there were already a lot of good clubs and awesome places that play great Top 40/chart/radio music, and we just wanted to give an alternative of sorts for people who wanted, well, an alternative.

That’s how subMNL started, and you could see our first attempt in the first batch of videos from August 2014. It was just us in a room that could hardly fit 20 people, and I still remember closing down the studio around 6:30AM when everyone had gone home and thought to myself that we had a “pretty fucking good time!”

One year later, and with some great new members in the subMNL team, we’re still at it – tonight we’ll be at Black Market for a show with SHIT DISCO that’ll feature Black & White and H-DUBB in the lineup. We’ve always just been a tiny community of dance music fans, but there’s always room for more :) See you!

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